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Links of Interest

I have noticed that many Orthodox message boards, forums, and blogs online are kind of angry and scary.  It seems that some of them are very closed-off to inquirers and have strong censorship policies that make me afraid to participate.  There is also a strong hostility toward Western liberalism.  Now I do not consider myself a liberal, and I recognize that the Western liberal-conservative dichotomy doesn’t exactly map onto the East very well, but I do believe that what we in the United States call liberals should have a place at Jesus’ table like everyone else.

This has caused me to want to create a blog portal of more scholarly, moderate Orthodox blogs to create some kind of a community where there would be more open discussions and less fear of social reprisal.  It would be modeled after the wonderful LDSBlogs.org community (a.k.a. the Mormon Archipelago), which is strongly tied to the folks at By Common Consent, my favorite of all LDS blogs.

However, I do not have the technical know-how to create or sustain such a project.  As such, I have tried the next best thing – I’ve added a del.icio.us widget to my sidebar to the right, and will simply place links to Orthodox blog posts that I find interesting from time to time.  Feel free to click the links!  I will try to use it judiciously and only post links that I think are top-quality.


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