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April 2013 General Conference – did you “enjoy” the talks?

LDS_Conference_Center-upI don’t intend on writing a point-by-point summary or critique of the talks in General Conference – other blogs do that just fine.  I’m focusing on trying to get inspiration from the conference.

But one thing that I think is odd when people talk about conference is that they’ll ask each other, “Which talks did you enjoy?” or “Did you enjoy such-and-such talk?”

The purpose of General Conference is to clarify the doctrines of the LDS church, to give guidance and inspiration, and to address problems that the General Authorities see in the church.  As such, the most important thing is whether they are correct, not whether we “enjoy” the talks.  Whether it is emotionally moving or rhetorically powerful is definitely secondary to whether it is true.

But maybe it’s because I don’t particularly “enjoy” sitting and listening to long talks for extended periods of time.  It seems to me that so little information is retained, even when one is really paying attention, that it really becomes a test of endurance and not learning.  If I wanted enjoyment I’d go to a King’s X concert.


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