Poll Results

Back in June, I posted a poll asking my regular (and semi-regular, and anyone else) readers what best describes their religious affiliation.  I sort of regret some of the wording of the options, but as a graduate student in psychology I’ve been trained in poll construction and know too much for my own good.  However, I wanted to report the results because I find them interesting.   Mostly, I should have constructed the poll so people could answer more than one thing, though I’m not sure how much difference that would have made.

10 people answered the poll.  That’s not so bad, considering this is an anonymous blog that very few people (even my friends and family) know about.  The thing that stuck out to me was that I seem to have more diversity than I thought.  Here are the categories, plus the number of people in each category.

Ex-LDS:  3

Questioning LDS:  2

Faithful LDS:  1

Faithful Eastern Orthodox (never LDS):  1

Former LDS, now faithful Eastern Orthodox:  1

Protestant:  1

Other:  1  (this person indicated that they are an Eastern Catholic, which is one of a group of Eastern Churches who are in communion with the Roman Catholic church)

None of my readers indicated that they were:  Questioning Eastern Orthodox, Roman Catholic, Non-Christian Religion, Nonbeliever (Atheist/Agnostic), or Other.