Poll: What best describes you?

This is something I’ve been wondering, since I now have a few people who visit this blog regularly. What is the religious affiliation of the people who visit and subscribe to this blog?

I would like my blog to attract anyone on the spectrum from believing Latter-day Saint to believing Eastern Orthodox (and anyone who has gone from one to the other). However, I must admit that my tone in most posts is critical of Mormonism, such that I may have scared off most Mormons from reading this blog. It seems that the only faithful Mormons who visit come to argue some point or another and then leave. I would like to make this website more welcoming to both sides, however. Suggestions are welcome.

Now, without further ado, please fill out this survey!


Comparative Religion

seraphimThanks to a comment left today by another blogger, I’ve been made aware of another blog that is quite similar to this one.  It is called Comparative Religion: Discerning between Eastern Orthodoxy, Roman Catholicism, and the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (Mormonism).  That blogger, Seraphim, seems to be quite interested in the differences, similarities, and most of all the truth of those three religions.  Kind of reminds me of me!

He has a quite similar faith journey to me, though it seems that in the past, he has favored Roman Catholicism over Eastern Orthodoxy, and his blog has reflected that.  He seems to be interested in the same philosophy as me as well – questions about the origin of the universe, the nature of God, and Apostolic Succession.  A member of the LDS church, he is open-minded and thoughtful.  The thing I like most about his blog is that he is not angry, bitter, or reactive in his writings.  So much of the “Disaffected Mormon Underground” (DAMU) is so bitter that I think it clouds their judgment.  Lots of blogs there simply take cheap shots at General Authorities or the much-hated Mormon Culture.  But is that how you discover truth?  I think not.

In any case, I would love to have some greater collaboration, guest posting, and cross posting from Seraphim.  I really dig his style.