Mixed-faith marriage in Mormonism and Orthodoxy

wedding crownsI have spoken to several American Orthodox Christians about getting married in the church, and what they said sounded very familiar to me before I found my wife:  1) it is very difficult to find another member of the church to marry, 2) the church counsels strongly to marry within the church, and 3) non-Orthodox marriages are not considered to be participating in the “fullness” of marriage possible.  All three of these are similar in Mormonism.

Encouraging your members to marry within the faith makes sense on numerous levels. Continue reading


Does non-literal Mormonism lose its “punch?”

temple marriageThe title of this post might seem either trivially true or too vague to be useful, so let me unpack it a bit and then use an example to see if it’s more clear.  I have found that a lot of “Cafeteria” or “Middle-Way” Mormons (maybe the “StayLDS” or John Dehlin crowd) compartmentalize some of the more troublesome doctrines of the LDS church by sort of mythologizing them.  However, I wonder if this renders Mormonism less coherent as a result. Continue reading