The Holy Ghost, and possible power imbalance within the Mormon Godhead

pentecost-icon (1)One significant lacuna in Mormon doctrine, to me, is the identity of the Holy Ghost.  We are told that Jesus Christ is God’s Son, the only Begotten in the flesh.  However, we are not told who the Holy Ghost is.  Another Son of God, and therefore our brother?  God’s brother?  God’s wife?  A single individual or a plurality of individuals?  We do not know.

Neither are we very sure how exactly the Holy Ghost is (a) God.  Is the Holy Ghost worthy of worship?  I don’t know of any context in Mormonism where the Holy Ghost is worshiped.  There are no songs, hymns, prayers, or devotions to the Holy Ghost, directly.  Is the Holy Ghost equal in power and glory to the Father and the Son?  Does the Holy Ghost derive power from the Father, or does (s)He have power of his own? Continue reading


Top 11 Things Every Mormon Should Know About Eastern Orthodoxy

lds-jesus-with-pantocratorDavid J. Dunn recently posted an article on his blog which he called “Top Ten Things Every Protestant Should Know About Eastern Orthodoxy.”  I liked the idea, and have always felt that there are a number of things that Mormons ought to know about the Orthodox, so I have  decided to create this list.  It’s not meant to replace Dunn’s article since I think Mormons would like to know all those things, too (in fact I think you should all read that one first), but I think there are some things that Mormons would be particularly interested in. Continue reading