Thomas S. Monson releases statement on Syria, renounces war

LOL just kidding.

As of today, as Pope Francis organized a worldwide fast for peace, and a week after numerous statements by various Orthodox churches stating unequivocally the suffering that is happening and will happen if the US goes charging in militarily to Syria, as far as I know we still have radio silence on the issue from Salt Lake.

I can be pretty balanced on a lot of things (in my opinion) but not war.  As someone who is still on the records of the LDS church, I am incredibly frustrated that the General Authorities aren’t on the front lines out there, asking our people to fast, to donate to various humanitarian relief efforts in the Middle East, to proclaim a message of peace, etc.

I suppose they just assume we’ve all been taught correct principles and can therefore govern ourselves (or that general anti-war sentiments can be found in the Scriptures and we have those so we don’t need to keep talking about it), but it’s still quite frustrating to see the LDS Newsroom touting a James Taylor Concert and the release of the Joseph Smith Papers, both extremely awesome events, don’t get me wrong, but not a word on Syria – where millions of Christians are being killed, persecuted, oppressed, and displaced (as well as good Muslim men, women, and children too).  Centuries-old churches are being burned.  People are being tortured, shot, executed, raped.

If the prophets Isaiah, Jeremiah, Jonah, Obadiah, Micah, etc. weren’t afraid of prophesying specifically about the wars that would come, and what the righteous should do to avoid the coming disasters, is it too much to expect something a bit more direct regarding actual wars we’re about to engage in?  Even just to say that the war is justified or not?

Maybe something is forthcoming.  But I am not going to hold my breath.  If it’s anything like President Hinckley’s talk before the US invaded Iraq, it will likely be somewhat vague and ask us all to come to our own conclusions.  But it seems to me – and I admit I’m probably letting my emotions get pretty carried away at this point – a really useful prophet would have said in 2001, “This war will ruin us.  It is unjustified.  Tell your neighbors – make fliers – warn your families.  Preach peace.  Pray for it.  Fast for it.  Don’t give up until the Lord comes.”  And to be honest, I feel like a really useful prophet would be saying that now, too.

I ask for forgiveness for anyone who might be offended by this post.  My attitude toward war causes me to get very emotional about the topic.  This is one good thing about posting under a pseudonym on an obscure blog that not too many people read, but if I have offended any of my fellow LDS (or anyone else) I ask for your forgiveness now – I am the chief among sinners.